If you have any ideas for providing ways to keep people involved with St James’s, despite their isolation, please let the Rector or Sharon Morgan know.

Apart-yet-together Quiz

During this time when we are all seeing fewer people and going out less, we thought people may like to join in with some fun quizzes in the knowledge that there are lots of St James’s people all trying them out at home – apart yet together!

St James’s has already had one online quiz but we know that lots of people don’t use mobile phones or computers. We are therefore sending out a “paper quiz” approximately once a month to people who are not able to access it on the St James website. However, if we know that you use emails, we’ll email it to you in the first instance. (let us know if you would rather have it by post) Return your completed quiz pages 2, 3 and 4 by 9th July 2020.

People with internet access can access the quiz here in a printable PDF version or if you want a DOC version (Word version) that you can type your answers in and return by email, click here.

The quiz can be returned by email or by post to:
St James’s Quiz
The Rectory
12 Harviestoun Road
FK14 7HF

The closing date for entries of this first quiz is July 9th. Each winner will recieve a small prize