Stations of the Cross

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We have prepared a Stations of the Cross video series for Holy Week during the coronavirus shutdown. For technical reasons, we cannot put them directly on this website, but they are available on the St James the Great YouTube channel. For copyright reasons, they are not public videos so you can’t find them by searching on YouTube – you need the links (below). They are for personal devotional use only.

Traditionally, there are 14 Stations of the Cross, and sometimes 15 or even 16 when a Resurrection Station is included. Our series is shorter than that as we have combined some of the stations into one devotional video. For example, in a traditional series, we have Jesus falls for the first time (3rd Station), Jesus falls for the second time (7th station) and Jesus falls for the third time (9th station). But since these represent similar themes, we have combined them into one Jesus falls video.

Technical difficulties — perhaps not surprising in the circumstances of the coronavirus lock-down — have delayed the project. We will continue to upload them as they become ready.

We pray that these short devotional aids may be of some assistance to you during this strangest of Holy Weeks and beyond.

Jesus is condemned to death – the First Station

Jesus receives his cross – the Second Station

Jesus falls under the weight of the cross – the Third Station

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus – the Fourth Station

Jesus meets his mother and the women of Jerusalem – the Fifth Station

Jesus is stripped of his clothes – the Sixth Station

Jesus is nailed to the cross – the Seventh Station

Jesus dies on the cross – the Eighth Station

Jesus is taken down from the cross – the Ninth Station

Jesus is laid in the tomb – the Tenth Station

Jesus overcomes death – the Final Station