Roof Appeal 2023


We are faced with the daunting task of raising funds to re-slate our church roof and so help St James the Great to serve the people of the Hillfoots villages and beyond into the 22nd century.

We’re asking for your support in three ways: praying, volunteering and donating.

Please support the roof appeal in prayer. Without prayer, this campaign will not succeed. We are not like any other charity because we are privileged to be able to approach God directly when we need things. But God acts through the medium of faith and prayer. So please pray for our roof, the life and mission of the church, and the people of Dollar and villages of Clackmannanshire as part of your commitment to being part of the church community.  

Why the need ?

The main part of the roof dates back to 1882 and the vestry was added in 1934. Most of the structure has lasted very well, but over recent years, it has begun to show its age. A design flaw means that water leaks into the vestry through teh flashing on the flat section of the roof, especially during autumn and winter when leaves and snow block the drains.

During the first phase of the re-roofing, it was discovered that the remaining slates are badly worn and damaged, and many nails are corroding. We are also aware that slate loss is becoming an increasing problem. Compounding the problem is the fact that some of the rainwater goods—the gutters and downpipes—are also showing their age, allowing water to run down the exterior walls and to soak through to the inside. Anyone who has been in the church since 2019 will be aware of how damp it has become, particularly at the West end. All of this is harmful to the structure of the church.

The church architect has drawn attention to the deteriorating condition of the roof and replacement of individual slates has become a regular requirement.

Why now?

​It’s been a project that we’ve been considering for a few years now, but there have always been other, more urgent projects demanding our attention. We have been warned by a fungus expert that if we don’t address the problem, we could soon be faced with dry rot, and the costs of eliminating that properly are astronomical. If irreparable damage to the walls of the building is to be avoided, we must now tackle this.

How much will it cost?

We estimate that £80,000 will be needed for Phase 2 of the project, the replacement of the remaining old roof slates and refurbishment of gutters and downpipes and subsequent redecoration within. But this may only be the start. If the roof rafters need to be replaced, it could easily cost double that. So our initial target is to raise £80,000, and we’d really like your help.

How do we intend to pay for it ?

  • Applications to Charitable Funding Bodies – We are applying for grants from the Diocese and the Province, and from other agencies that aim to preserve and refurbish church buildings. It is uncertain how much, if anything, we will get from these bodies. It certainly won’t be enough to cover all the costs, so we will still need other help. If you know of any such funding bodies, please let us know.
  • Investment Fund Resources We have been sitting on some investment funds which we’ve been holding “for a rainy day”. The Rainy Day has now arrived, and if necessary, we are going use these funds to pay for the work. But we have decided to commit to replenishing these funds, which is why we are asking for your help.
  •  An appeal to the congregation – We would like to use as little of the investment money as possible, so we are appealing to our members and supporters to help us pay for the work and to fulfil our commitment to replenish any funds we use.  Even when it looks as if the work is done, we will still need your help to continue paying for the repairs and redecoration.
  • Fundraising events – When we are allowed to meet up again, we will have many events to raise money! Keep an eye out on the website for information about upcoming events. The Rector will also mention them in church, and they will appear on our Notice sheets.. If you have any ideas of your own for fundraising events – please get in touch! 

What can I do ?

  • Pray
  • Volunteer to run a fundraising event.
  • Make a donation to the Church Roof Appeal,

– By cheque: payable to St James the Great via church office
St James the Great Roof Appeal,
The Rectory
12 Harviestoun Road
FK14 7HF
Please make sure to include your name and address so that we can send you a receipt.

– By cash or cheque: placed in the basket at the back of church on a Sunday morning, or delivered to the Rectory if the church is unoccupied
Please note that NO cash is ever left in the church building overnight. If you give us a gift, we will protect it.

Please consider gift aiding your donation if you are a taxpayer. Gift Aid declaration forms available from here, and can be returned to the Church office at the above address .