Pastoral Visiting

Visitor holding hands of someone they are visiting.
Home and hospital visits are always available

Our Pastoral Visitors are happy to make home visits and to bring Communion at home to those who desire it.

Many people hesitate to request home visits because they believe that it implies they are officially housebound, whereas they plan to return to the church in person at some time.  However, our home visit service isn’t just for the housebound. It is open to anyone who wishes to receive it, whether they are unable to attend church permanently, temporarily, or simply where it is more convenient for them.  Perhaps you don’t like driving to church in winter.  Perhaps you are mostly mobile but have to receive Home Help Assistants at inconvenient times and cannot always get to church.  Perhaps you are feeling under the weather a little bit.  We are happy to provide this service to all.

If you would like to receive a visit and live within the catchment area of St James’, call us on 01259 742494 in the first instance.

Bread and wine of Communion
Home Communion is for anyone who needs it
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