Online Church

Our church is open for business even if the building isn’t always open.

During the current restrictions, with a few exceptions, we are not able to gather together physically, But that doesn’t mean we can’t meet virtually. We are holding services and virtual coffee mornings by video, and we are exploring other opportunities to do things together online.


Sunday Services

29th November – Advent Sunday
The readings sheet is available here

Order of Service

Recordings of the services are made for some of our housebound members.

To use your computer for to join our services:

A few minutes before the service starts, open the link to ZOOM (here) in your Internet browser. You will then be asked to download and install the ZOOM application*. The actual method will depend on your system but please follow the instructions on screen to allow the application to install. When the ZOOM application appears on screen click “Join with Computer Audio” or “Call using internet audio” and you will be connected to the service with audio and video. To leave the call click on “Leave Meeting” at the bottom right hand corner of the ZOOM application or click on the “X” at the top right of the application window.

* If you have already downloaded and installed the application, you won’t need to do it again. Just click on the link.

Because of concerns about ZOOM security, you must also input a password to join the meeting. Please contact the Rector or Alun if you don’t know this

How much does it cost?
Using Zoom this way is essentially browsing the internet and will be covered by your agreement with your Internet Service Provider. If you still have a restricted package, be aware that this will use a lot of data, for which your provider may charge. Most people will have an inclusive internet package, and there shouldn’t be a cost. If you are using mobile data, your phone company charges will apply, and these charges could be expensive. Please refer to your service provider for details if you’re in any doubt.